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Aug29 Fun Holiday – According to Hoyle Day

On August 29, honor expertise, authority, and the rules because it is According to Hoyle Day. Named after the English language phrase, according to Hoyle, the unofficial holiday celebrates the life and times of Englishman Edmond Hoyle, who died on this day in 1769.

Celebrate According to Hoyle Day with a game of Bridge.


A lawyer by trade, Edmond Hoyle is best known for publishing books detailing the rules and regulations of many popular card and board games of his time, including chess and backgammon. He is also known for writing an authoritative pamphlet on the card game of Whist.

Game of Skills

Whist is a trick card game played by two teams of two players each. The card game evolved from a previous game called Ruff and Honors and is the predecessor of Bridge. Popular in the 18th and the 19th century, the game required mathematical and logical skills.

Appeal to Authority

The phrase according to Hoyle came from the authoritative books Hoyle wrote on the rules and regulations of games. When people played these games and made a play that was questioned, they could invoke Hoyle's rules by saying “according to Hoyle...”. Today, the phrase is used generally to suggest expertise or the highest authority on a subject matter.

How to Celebrate?

  • Play a game of Whist by following Hoyle's rules. Don't know how? Today is a good excuse to learn!
  • Are you an expert on a subject? Why not spend the day jotting your thought about the subject?

Did You Know…

…the word Whist comes from whisk, from whisking or moving the cards during the game?

According to Hoyle Day Observances

Fun Holiday: According to Hoyle Day Observances
2024ThuAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2025FriAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2026SatAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2027SunAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2028TueAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2029WedAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2030ThuAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2031FriAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2032SunAug 29According to Hoyle Day
2033MonAug 29According to Hoyle Day

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