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Feb3 Fun Holiday – Carrot Cake Day

Celebrated annually on February 3, the holiday celebrates this cake made with carrots.

Home made carrot cake for sale at food market.

Carrot cake. Almost healthy enough to eat.


Eaten since the Middle Ages, it is thought that carrot cake came about because of the high prices and rarity of sugar. To get around this problem, inventive bakers and cooks used sweet vegetables to sweeten their cakes and voila, the humble, but oh, so delicious carrot cake was born.

Healthier Cake

Carrot cake is considered a tad bit healthier than your average sugary cake. Carrots are full of fiber and packed with health-promoting beta carotene, that promote good vision, especially night vision, and help combat health-damaging free radical activity. It is usually made with less sugar, healthy oils, and sometimes has healthy nuts in it.

Similar holidays include Cake Day, Chocolate Cake Day, and National Cheesecake Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • With lots and lots of carrot cake, of course!
  • Bake some carrot cake and share with family and friends.

Did You Know...

...that according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, almost half of all carrots meant for human consumption come from China?

Carrot Cake Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Carrot Cake Day Observances
2024SatFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2025MonFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2026TueFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2027WedFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2028ThuFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2029SatFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2030SunFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2031MonFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2032TueFeb 3Carrot Cake Day
2033ThuFeb 3Carrot Cake Day

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