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Apr18 Fun Holiday – Columnist Day

April 18 is celebrated annually as Columnists Day to commemorate the life and work of columnist Ernest Taylor Pyle.

Man sitting at his desk with a computer and a camera.

Columnists inform and create opinions.


The National Society of Newspaper Columnists created this holiday on the death anniversary of Ernie Pyle.

Died on the Job

Pyle, also known as Ernie, was a Pulitzer Prize winner who reported from both the European and Pacific theaters during the Second World War. He died while reporting in Okinawa.

Dangerous Situations

The purpose of the unofficial holiday is to appreciate the work that journalists do to inform people, create public opinion, keep people in power accountable and to bring to light important stories. The day is especially dedicated to columnists and journalists around the world who work in dangerous situations with the sole aim of uncovering the truth for the benefit of the society.

The National Society of Newspaper Columnists was founded in 1977 as a professional organization for columnists and journalists.

How to Celebrate?

You don't need a lot of preparation to celebrate Columnists Day. Here are some ways you can show your appreciation for all those who bring news and opinion to you and keep you well informed about the world around you:

  • Read a newspaper column.
  • Write to your favorite newspaper columnist and thank them. If you know a columnist personally, celebrate them by doing something special for them, like baking them their favorite cake or taking them out for dinner.
  • Learn more about the history of newspapers and journalism.

Did You Know...

...that the Ordinari Post Tijdender, a Swedish newspaper is the oldest newspaper in the world that is still being published? The newspaper was first published in 1645. Its print version was stopped in 2007. Since then the newspaper is online only.

Columnist Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Columnist Day Observances
2024ThuApr 18Columnist Day
2025FriApr 18Columnist Day
2026SatApr 18Columnist Day
2027SunApr 18Columnist Day
2028TueApr 18Columnist Day
2029WedApr 18Columnist Day
2030ThuApr 18Columnist Day
2031FriApr 18Columnist Day
2032SunApr 18Columnist Day
2033MonApr 18Columnist Day

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