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Apr1 Fun Holiday – Fun at Work Day

Have double the fun on April 1, because it is not only April Fool’s Day but it is also Fun at Work Day.

How about a chair race today?


Sometimes celebrated on January 28, the day encourages people to add some fun to their workday.

How to Celebrate?

Here are some ideas on what you can do to make work fun on Fun at Work Day or any other day:

  • Bake goodies and bring them for your colleagues.
  • Play harmless pranks on your colleagues and coworkers.
  • Watch Office Space or a few episodes of The Office at work.
  • With the consent of your supervisor, spend some time playing board games at work.

Did You Know…

…that studies have shown that a person's perception of time changes when they are having fun? According to these studies, having fun can help pass the time faster.

Fun at Work Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Fun at Work Day Observances
2023SatJan 28Fun at Work Day
2023SatApr 1Fun at Work Day
2024SunJan 28Fun at Work Day
2024MonApr 1Fun at Work Day
2025TueJan 28Fun at Work Day
2025TueApr 1Fun at Work Day
2026WedJan 28Fun at Work Day
2026WedApr 1Fun at Work Day
2027ThuJan 28Fun at Work Day
2027ThuApr 1Fun at Work Day
2028FriJan 28Fun at Work Day
2028SatApr 1Fun at Work Day
2029SunJan 28Fun at Work Day
2029SunApr 1Fun at Work Day
2030MonJan 28Fun at Work Day
2030MonApr 1Fun at Work Day
2031TueJan 28Fun at Work Day
2031TueApr 1Fun at Work Day
2032WedJan 28Fun at Work Day
2032ThuApr 1Fun at Work Day

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