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Sep22 Fun Holiday – Hobbit Day

Fans of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (LOTR) and the Hobbit epic celebrate September 22 as Hobbit Day. The week containing Hobbit Day is also celebrated as Tolkien Week.

Hobbiton - farmland near Matamata, a small town in the north island of New Zealand. The set was made for the movie The Hobbit and will remain as it was seen in these films and The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Hobbiton, the set for the movie The Hobbit, in farmland near Matamata, a small town in the north island of New Zealand.


Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week first began in 1978 by the proclamation of the American Tolkien Society, an organization whose goal is to further the study and spread the appreciation of the works of JRR Tolkien and his son, Christopher JR Tolkien.

Hobbit Birthday

September 22 is designated as Hobbit Day because it is the birthdate of two of JRR Tolkien's main characters - Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins. Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of Tolkien’s hugely popular 1937 children's novel, The Hobbit, was born on September 22, Third Age 2890. Frodo Baggins, the central character in the LOTR trilogy, on the other hand, is 78 years younger than Bilbo, having been born in the Third Age year of 2968.

There is some debate whether Hobbit Day is on September 22 or September 12, as the LOTR and Hobbit calendar does not synchronize with the Gregorian Calendar.

How to Celebrate?

  • Host parties and feasts like the ones held in the books.
  • Don’t wear shoes on this day because the hobbits in the books are always barefooted.
  • Attend marathon viewing sessions of the movie version of the books and participate in Hobbit and LOTR quizzes.
  • If you have young adults in your life, encourage them to read Tolkien’s work.

Did You Know…

…that the Fellowship of the Rings, the first book in the Lord of the Rings series, opens with Bilbo Baggins announcing his eleventy-first birthday?

Hobbit Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Hobbit Day Observances
2024SunSep 22Hobbit Day
2025MonSep 22Hobbit Day
2026TueSep 22Hobbit Day
2027WedSep 22Hobbit Day
2028FriSep 22Hobbit Day
2029SatSep 22Hobbit Day
2030SunSep 22Hobbit Day
2031MonSep 22Hobbit Day
2032WedSep 22Hobbit Day
2033ThuSep 22Hobbit Day

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