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Dec31 Fun Holiday – Make Up Your Mind Day

Are you indecisive? Then, Make Up Your Mind Day is the unofficial holiday you should choose to close out the year with.

Signpost showing three choices in front of a person.

Decide to be decisive on Make Up Your Mind Day.


The name of this unofficial holiday comes from the English language phrase make up your mind, which means to make a decision.

The day encourages people to take charge of their lives and make decisions that they can stand by and be proud of, in the upcoming year.

Important Quality

Being decisive can be challenging especially in today's fast-paced, uncertainty-ridden world. People have more information and resources available to assist them in their decision-making process, but have fewer controls over the outcomes and the consequences of their choices. Despite this, decisiveness is more and more being viewed as an important quality for people to have both in their professional world and in their personal lives. Studies have shown that employees react favorably to decisive bosses and employers and co-workers tend to view indecisive people as incompetent and weak.

Easy to Learn

However, there is good news for the chronic overanalyzer and the lifelong second guesser - decisiveness may not come naturally to you, but you can easily learn how to make good decisions, quickly and with little anguish. Experts suggest that to be decisive, one must first become comfortable with incomplete information and embrace risk. Start with small, inconsequential decisions and work your way to life altering major decisions. Do not underestimate gut feelings, but do not rely just on them. Listen to your heart and to your brain. Break down big decisions into smaller, more manageable mini decisions and never hesitate to ask for help.

How to Celebrate?

  • By making up your mind, of course. Have a big decision to make? Don't hesitate, just do it and don't worry about what could have been.
  • Resolve to make quick decisions and try not to regret them. For example, next time you are at a restaurant, give yourself a time limit to make your menu selection and stick to it.
  • Struggling to be decisive? Ask a friend or a family member to be your support system. Tell them to pull you back in line every time you start waffling.
  • Meditate over your decisions. Make a pro and con list and reason out the consequences of your decision logically. Stick to the list and once you have made your decision, do not go back on it.

Did You Know…

…that according to some studies, making high-stress decisions can tire out the brain, making it less effective for other activities?

Make Up Your Mind Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Make Up Your Mind Day Observances
2024TueDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2025WedDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2026ThuDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2027FriDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2028SunDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2029MonDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2030TueDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2031WedDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2032FriDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day
2033SatDec 31Make Up Your Mind Day

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