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Nov7 Fun Holiday – Men Make Dinner Day

The first Thursday of November is Men Make Dinner Day, a made-up holiday that encourages men to actively participate in household matters such as cooking.

The kitchen is no longer a woman's world.

Men, get cooking on Men Make Dinner Day.


For long, the kitchen was considered to be the domain of women and were off limits to men. Today, as more and more women go out in the workforce and there is a demand for equality in the society, workplace and at home, this is a trend that is slowly fading out. Men and women become more equal partners in a family – they are sharing more and more house-related tasks like cooking, cleaning and parenting.

Men Make Dinner Day is an attempt to spread the message that men can cook and can take on the responsibilities that were previously thought to be women's tasks.

How to Celebrate?

  • Men, wear an apron and get into the kitchen and make a dinner for your family.
  • On this day, make a cooking schedule with your partner so that you can share the responsibilities of cooking and feeding your family.
  • If you have never learned how to cook, maybe today is the day to begin - there are a lot of recipes for of easy to cook meals that can be found online and in cookbooks.

Did You Know…

…that the oldest cookbook on record is the De re conquinaria? Written in Latin, historians believe that it was written sometime in the 1st century.

Men Make Dinner Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Men Make Dinner Day Observances
2024ThuNov 7Men Make Dinner Day
2025ThuNov 6Men Make Dinner Day
2026ThuNov 5Men Make Dinner Day
2027ThuNov 4Men Make Dinner Day
2028ThuNov 2Men Make Dinner Day
2029ThuNov 1Men Make Dinner Day
2030ThuNov 7Men Make Dinner Day
2031ThuNov 6Men Make Dinner Day
2032ThuNov 4Men Make Dinner Day
2033ThuNov 3Men Make Dinner Day

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