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Sep21 Fun Holiday – Miniature Golf Day

On September 21 head on over to your local miniature golf course with your family and friends for a day of fun and adventure, because it is Miniature Golf Day!

Miniature golf, red shoes and ball near a putting hole.

Visit your local mini golf place today.

©iStockphoto.com/Mikko Lemola

An offshoot of golf, miniature golf is a leisure sport that focuses on putting and includes artificial turf and obstacles.

It is believed that miniature golf was first invented, sans their characteristic obstacles and windmills, in Scotland in the late 19th century as a way to allow women to golf. Because it was unseemly for women to use a full sized golf club, the Ladies' Putting Club of St. Andrews decided to miniaturize the sport.

"This'll Do"

Miniature golf or put put as it is also sometimes called made its commercial debut in the early 20th century in North Carolina under the name of Thistle Dhu. The name was derived from the Scottish pronunciation of the words "this'll do".

The holiday is also sometimes celebrated on the second Saturday of May.

How to Celebrate?

  • Round up your family and friends and visit your local miniature golf course and play a few rounds of golf.
  • What about having a miniature golf course crawl? Instead of spending the whole day at one course, visit as many miniature golf courses in your area and play a round at each one of them
  • Install a miniature golf course in your backyard. Then, you'll be able to celebrate this fun holiday all year long!

Did You Know…

…that miniature golf is sometimes also known as crazy golf?

Miniature Golf Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Miniature Golf Day Observances
2024SatSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2025SunSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2026MonSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2027TueSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2028ThuSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2029FriSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2030SatSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2031SunSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2032TueSep 21Miniature Golf Day
2033WedSep 21Miniature Golf Day

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