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Nov20 Fun Holiday – National Absurdity Day

Embrace the absurd and the ridiculous on November 20, National Absurdity Day. This holiday encourages people to acknowledge that absurdity is part of life.

Surprised baby looking away from absurd mother.

Be as absurd as you can today.


Absurdity, which refers to the illogical, unreasonable or nonsensical has been widely studied and written about. In fiction and humor, the absurd is usually used to make a nuanced point about human behavior. Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland is considered to be one of the most well-known works of absurdist literature.

Absurdist Movement

While absurdity in its many forms has been a subject of study since the time of the ancient Greeks, the absurdist movement in theater and literature came about right after the Second World War. It is thought that many writers and film makers reacted to the threat of a nuclear war by including absurdist themes in their works.

The holiday is also known as Absurdity Day.

How to Celebrate?

  • This holiday is an excuse for you to be as whacky as you want to be, without having to explain yourself, so go nuts! Dress up absurdly, say absurd and nonsensical things and do silly things.
  • Send absurd emails and messages to family and friends.
  • Read absurdist plays and literature. Some examples of absurdist authors include Václav Havel, Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett.

Did You Know…

…that the word absurd comes from the Latin word absurdum, which means out of tune or irrational?

National Absurdity Day Observances

Fun Holiday: National Absurdity Day Observances
2024WedNov 20National Absurdity Day
2025ThuNov 20National Absurdity Day
2026FriNov 20National Absurdity Day
2027SatNov 20National Absurdity Day
2028MonNov 20National Absurdity Day
2029TueNov 20National Absurdity Day
2030WedNov 20National Absurdity Day
2031ThuNov 20National Absurdity Day
2032SatNov 20National Absurdity Day
2033SunNov 20National Absurdity Day

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