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Dec29 Fun Holiday – Pepper Pot Day

December 29 is Pepper Pot Day, an unofficial holiday that honors the stew famously associated with George Washington's army during the American Revolution.

Pepper pot is also sometimes called the "soup that won the war".

Make yourself a big pot of pepper pot stew – with or without the tripe.


Made of tripe, vegetables and pepper, pepper pot soup, also sometimes known as Philadelphia pepper pot, has for long been the subject of many American revolution legends. Rumor has it that the soup was responsible for helping George Washington's army win the American Revolution. During the war, many farmers chose to sell food to the British. This created a shortage of food for the Continental Army. The cooks in the army cooked whatever they could find their hand on in a stew and saved the day by feeding soldiers pepper pot.

Different Versions

Versions of the stew can be found in Guyana and other Caribbean countries, where it is reserved for special ocassions like weddings and holidays. The Caribbean version of the stew does not use tripe, and has hot peppers as one its main ingredients.

It is thought that the Philadelphia pepper pot may have been inspired in many ways by the cuisine of Caribbean slaves and immigrants in America.

How to Celebrate?

  • Make a big pot of pepper pot stew at home and invite your friends and family to enjoy it with you.

Did You Know…

… that tripe usually comes from 3 of the 4 chambers of a cow's stomach?

Pepper Pot Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Pepper Pot Day Observances
2024SunDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2025MonDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2026TueDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2027WedDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2028FriDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2029SatDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2030SunDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2031MonDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2032WedDec 29Pepper Pot Day
2033ThuDec 29Pepper Pot Day

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