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Oct8 Fun Holiday – Pierogi Day

October 8 is Pierogi Day, a day to stock up your fridge with delicious dumplings made of unleavened dough.

Pierogis can be sweet or savory.


Usually stuffed with meat, potatoes, vegetables and fruit, pierogi have become popular in the United States and Canada due to large Polish immigrant population.

Considered to be one of Poland's national dish, pierogi are first boiled and then served several at a time with melted butter or fried with onions.

Pierogi Fest

In Eastern Europe, most countries have their own version of this dumpling. In the United States, pierogi are a popular dish in Polish communities and many events are held in honor of this humble but delicious dish. In Whiting, Indiana, a pierogi fest is held for 3 days in July, while in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, every Pittsburgh Pirates baseball home game features a pierogi race, where runners in pierogi costumes compete in a race.

How to Celebrate?

  • Visit your local Polish restaurant and order yourself a big plate of pierogis.
  • Make sweet and savory pierogis at home and serve to family and friends.

Did You Know...

...that people in the village of Glendon in Alberta, Canada love pierogi so much that in 1993 they constructed a 25 feet tall fibreglass pierogi, with a fork through it?

Pierogi Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Pierogi Day Observances
2024TueOct 8Pierogi Day
2025WedOct 8Pierogi Day
2026ThuOct 8Pierogi Day
2027FriOct 8Pierogi Day
2028SunOct 8Pierogi Day
2029MonOct 8Pierogi Day
2030TueOct 8Pierogi Day
2031WedOct 8Pierogi Day
2032FriOct 8Pierogi Day
2033SatOct 8Pierogi Day

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