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Mar1 Fun Holiday – Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Need a vacation and don’t have a traveling companion? Then March 1 or Plan a Solo Vacation Day is the unofficial holiday for you.

Overhead shot of a young girl in an orange life preserver.

Pack your swimsuit and treat yourself to a solo vacation.


On this day treat yourself to that vacation you have always wanted, without having to wait for someone to join you on your adventures.


Planning a solo vacation can be intimidating and overwhelming. But traveling alone can have many advantages. Informal studies have shown that those who travel by themselves tend to be more spontaneous and adventurous. Facing unknown situations in new and strange places can help people overcome their fears and anxieties.


Those who travel solo are forced to interact with locals and fellow travelers, instead of just hanging out with a small group of people. This translates into social benefits in real life - solo travelers can easily mold themselves to fit into any social group and situation.

Do Whatever You Want

Finally, taking a solo vacation means you can be your own master. You don't have to stick to a plan or follow someone else's lead - you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and do whatever you want to do. No more boring museums or spending countless hours shopping.

How to Celebrate?

  • Go on, plan your dream holiday all for yourself! You don’t need a traveling partner to have fun!
  • Don't want to travel? What about a solo staycation? Stay at home, explore your city, catch up on your reading, meet with friends and enjoy your time off from work.

Did You Know…

…that the earliest guidebooks were called periplus? They were Roman and Greek documents that listed ports and landmarks that ships could encounter on their voyages.

Plan a Solo Vacation Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Plan a Solo Vacation Day Observances
2024FriMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2025SatMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2026SunMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2027MonMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2028WedMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2029ThuMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2030FriMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2031SatMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2032MonMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day
2033TueMar 1Plan a Solo Vacation Day

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