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Feb28 Fun Holiday – Public Sleeping Day

Catch a few winks or take a long nap in public to celebrate Public Sleeping Day on February 28.

Three women sleeping on a bench.

Sleep in public on Public Sleeping Day.


Definitely one of the more quirky made-up holidays we have seen, Public Sleeping Day or National Public Sleeping Day as it is also known, encourages people to commune with nature by sleeping outdoors in public.

Cold in the North

Cold temperatures in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere may make observing this holiday a foolhardy venture so make sure you have a sleeping bag. And if you are looking for a restful adventure, this may be the perfect holiday for you to participate in.

How to Celebrate?

  • Get your favorite pillow and blanket and find a safe and clean place in public to take a nap. Make sure you layer up if it is still winter in your part of the world.
  • You don't even need to find a special place to take a nap. If you have long commute why not take that time to catch a few winks?
  • Get together with friends and organize a large pajama party at a park. Have everyone bring their sleeping bags, set up an outdoor movie screen, have a picnic and then take a nap.

Did You Know…

…that humans are the only mammals that can willingly delay sleep?

Public Sleeping Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Public Sleeping Day Observances
2024WedFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2025FriFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2026SatFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2027SunFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2028MonFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2029WedFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2030ThuFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2031FriFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2032SatFeb 28Public Sleeping Day
2033MonFeb 28Public Sleeping Day

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