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Apr6 Fun Holiday – Sorry Charlie Day

April 6 is Sorry Charlie Day, a day to recognize that everyone gets rejected sometimes in his or her life. The name of the holiday comes from the phrase Sorry Charlie, popular in the United States.

Sorry Charlie is a phrase that came from a tuna advertisement.


According to some, the phrase comes from a Starkist Tuna commercial in the 1970s.

Tasty Tuna

In the commercial, the main character, Charlie the Tuna, believes he has good taste and wants to be caught by the Tuna company. The company, however, rejects Charlie by attaching a note to a fish hook that says “Sorry Charlie.” The reason Charlie is rejected by the tuna company is because the company prefers to catch a tuna that tastes good, and not a tuna that has good taste.

Rejection Phrase

The phrase is now is commonly used as a response to someone who has experienced a rejection. It can be sometimes be seen as an uncaring response.

How to Celebrate?

  • Think back on all the rejections in your life – academic, professional and personal – and spend the day reflecting on what you learned from each of them.
  • Treat yourself because you didn’t let any rejections let you down.

Did You Know...

...that some schools of tuna fish swim alongside dolphins as a way to protect themselves from sharks and other predatory sea life?

Sorry Charlie Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Sorry Charlie Day Observances
2024SatApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2025SunApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2026MonApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2027TueApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2028ThuApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2029FriApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2030SatApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2031SunApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2032TueApr 6Sorry Charlie Day
2033WedApr 6Sorry Charlie Day

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