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Jan26 Fun Holiday – Spouse's Day

January 26 is Spouse's Day, a day to celebrate your spouse, better half, or significant other.

Tell your significant other how much they mean to you.


The unofficial holiday encourages people to let their spouses know how much they are loved, respected, and appreciated.

Not Only Marriage

While the term spouse is traditionally used to refer to individual bound by law through marriage, these days it can be used to refer to people who may be in a common-law marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union.

The holiday is also known as National Spouse's Day in the United States.

How to Celebrate?

  • While gifts are always nice, the best and the most meaningful gift is the gift of time. Spend some quality time with your partner. Maybe take the day off and surprise them with a picnic.
  • Do their errands and chores for them.
  • Make their favorite foods and treats.
  • Whatever you do, make sure you tell them that you appreciate everything they do for you.

Did You Know…

…that Denmark was the first country in modern times to recognize same-sex marriage in 1989?

Spouse's Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Spouse's Day Observances
2024FriJan 26Spouse's Day
2025SunJan 26Spouse's Day
2026MonJan 26Spouse's Day
2027TueJan 26Spouse's Day
2028WedJan 26Spouse's Day
2029FriJan 26Spouse's Day
2030SatJan 26Spouse's Day
2031SunJan 26Spouse's Day
2032MonJan 26Spouse's Day
2033WedJan 26Spouse's Day

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