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Jul9 Fun Holiday – Sugar Cookie Day

On July 9, whip up a batch of warm, delicious, and sugary sugar cookies because it is Sugar Cookie Day.

Roll up your sleeves and whip up a batch of warm, yummy sugar cookies on Sugar Cookie Day.

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While the origins of this unofficial holiday are unknown, the day celebrates a childhood favorite that not only tastes good, but will also makes your kitchen smell amazing!

A holiday staple in the United States, sugar cookies are sweet treats made of flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. The primary flavor in the cookies is vanilla.

Blank Canvas for Decoration

While sugar cookies can be eaten plain, they are usually used baked in different shapes and decorated with colorful icing, frosting, and sprinkels.

In the United Kingdom and some other parts of the world, the term biscuits is used to refer to treats similar to cookies.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn how to make sugar cookies and bake them. Share the cookies with co-workers, family, and friends.
  • Gourmet up your cookies by making them in different shapes and coating them with different colored royal icing.
  • Host a sugar cookie decorating and exchange party. Have your guests bake cookies and bring them to the venue, where all of you can decorate the cookies and take some home.

Did You Know...

...that the term cookie, comes from the Dutch word koekje, meaning little cakes?

Sugar Cookie Day Observances

Fun Holiday: Sugar Cookie Day Observances
2024TueJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2025WedJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2026ThuJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2027FriJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2028SunJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2029MonJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2030TueJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2031WedJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2032FriJul 9Sugar Cookie Day
2033SatJul 9Sugar Cookie Day

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