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Apr23 Fun Holiday – World Pinhole Photography Day

The last Sunday in April is celebrated worldwide as World Pinhole Photography Day.

Learn more about pinhole cameras and pinhole photography.


The day aims to encourage people to pick up pinhole photography as a hobby and profession, and to share their techniques and pictures with the pinhole photography community.

Small Hole

Unlike its more technologically advanced counterparts, a pinhole camera has no lens and usually captures images using light that passes through a small hole or aperture. The light passes through the hole and projects an inverted image on a piece of film or paper.

Make Your Own

Popularly used to take photographs of the Sun and to safely observe solar eclipses, pinhole cameras are easy to make at home and require minimal equipment.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn more about pinhole cameras and photography.
  • Make a simple pinhole camera at home and try to take pictures with it.
  • Share the pictures with the pinhole photography community.

Did You Know…

…that the world's largest camera obscura is in Aberystwyth, Wales? A camera obscura is an optical device that was the precursor of a pinhole camera.

World Pinhole Photography Day Observances

Fun Holiday: World Pinhole Photography Day Observances
2023SunApr 23World Pinhole Photography Day
2024SunApr 28World Pinhole Photography Day
2025SunApr 27World Pinhole Photography Day
2026SunApr 26World Pinhole Photography Day
2027SunApr 25World Pinhole Photography Day
2028SunApr 23World Pinhole Photography Day
2029SunApr 29World Pinhole Photography Day
2030SunApr 28World Pinhole Photography Day
2031SunApr 27World Pinhole Photography Day
2032SunApr 25World Pinhole Photography Day

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