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FAQ: Customization Options

Why does it show some content in a different language?

Our system offers the option to display some content, including days of the week, months, and dates, in a language other than English.

To select a different language or revert to English, go to My Units, click on Change this, make a selection in the Country and Language menus, and click Save.

Having trouble saving your settings? See “Why do my settings get lost?”.

Why does the date have the wrong format? Why are the date fields in the wrong order?

Dates can be written in many different formats. In some countries, the month is stated before the day (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY); in others, it's the day before the month (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY). Our system supports all of the most important date formats used around the world.

The date format you see on our website depends on the format normally used in the country you specify in My Units. To change the country, click on Change this, make a selection in the Country drop-down, and click Save.

Alternatively, if you only want to change the date format without using a country's defaults for all your settings you can make a selection under Short Date and Long Date.

Having trouble saving your settings? See “Why do my settings get lost?”.

The time has the wrong format. How do I change between the 24-hour and AM/PM clock?

Our system supports both 24-hour and 12-hour (am/pm) clock formats. To change the format, please go to My Units and make a selection in the Time Format drop-down.

Having trouble saving your settings? See “Why do my settings get lost?”.

The distance is shown in the wrong format. How do I change to miles or kilometers?

To change the distance unit, go to My Units and make a selection in the Distance/Visibility menu.

Having trouble saving your settings? See “Why do my settings get lost?”.

It defaults to the wrong city! How do I change that?

Our services default to the place we detect as your current location or to the place you specify as your “home location”. To change the default location, enter a city or town on My Location and click Save Settings.

Having trouble saving your settings? See “Why do my settings get lost?”.

What happens if I link my user account to Facebook, Google, or similar?

On My Account, you can link your timeanddate.com user account to your account on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or LinkedIn. Once the link has been established, you will automatically be signed into your timeanddate.com account when you sign into the linked account. It basically saves you from having to enter your login details once more.

To provide this service, we require your email address and full name, so these data are transferred to us when you link an account. However, we only use this information for the log-in process. We do not have access to your account, so we are neither able to post anything on your behalf or see your posts.

Why do my settings get lost?

This has most probably something to do with how your computer handles cookies. These are files containing your settings for timeanddate.com that are stored on your computer. If they are deleted on your computer, your settings are lost. To prevent this from happening, please refer to the Troubleshoot cookies page.

Alternatively, you can open a free user account. That way your settings are saved with us and restored every time you log in.

Can I display this content directly on my desktop?

None of our clocks, calculators, maps, or other dynamic content can be displayed directly on a desktop. However, you can create a shortcut to any page on timeanddate.com and place it on your desktop for easy access. In most browsers, you can do this by clicking and holding the icon at the left end of the address bar (URL) and dragging it to your desktop.

We also offer Free Clocks for Your Website and Free Countdowns for Your Website.

FAQ: About timeanddate.com

I hate ads! How can I get rid of them?

Nobody loves ads, but they are the reason we still exist. This website and all of its free services are funded by advertising. We do keep it to a minimum, so you can use our services without having to pay attention to the ads. We show a maximum of 2 ads per page and block any ads that are annoying, embarrassing, shady, disturbing, or offensive.

If you spot an ad that you think should be removed from our site, please send us a screenshot showing the ad.

If you like our services and you are using an ad blocker, please consider disabling it on our website to keep us afloat. Here's how you do it

Can I trust the information?

Yes. We are a team of dedicated researchers, developers, designers, and journalists who make sure that the information we present is always up-to-date and our services are functioning as they should.

Having said that, mistakes can of course always happen. If you spot one, please let us know. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for inaccurate information.

I'd like to work for timeanddate.com. Are there any vacancies?

We are a growing company and there is a chance we are currently looking for someone just like you. We are based in Stavanger, Norway, so if you live in the area or could imagine moving here, have a look on our jobs page to see if there are any vacancies.

Who is behind timeanddate.com?

You will find information about Time and Date AS, the company behind the website, here.

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