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How to Use: Online Stopwatch

The free Online Stopwatch allows you to record split and lap times and edit them without interrupting the timer. You can also save your timings in a text file.

Getting Started

How to use the Stopwatch

  • Click Start to start the Stopwatch.
  • To add splits, click Split. You can add as many splits as your task requires.
  • To pause or stop the Stopwatch, click Pause. The Stopwatch will save your time and resume counting from the same point when you click Start.
  • To stop and reset the timer, click Reset.

Settings and Sounds

Start countdown and alerts

Start alerts notify you that the Stopwatch is about to start running.

To set the alert, click Settings and sounds. Tick the Count down to start box in the menu that appears, and enter the number of seconds that should be counted down before your Stopwatch starts running.

If you need an acoustic signal, add it by enabling the Count down with sound option and selecting a sound in the drop-down menu.

Recurring alert

Click Settings and sounds and tick the Recurring alert box if you want to be alerted at regular intervals while the Stopwatch is running. The alerts will be repeated at the interval you specify.

For example, if you enter 1 minute and 30 seconds, the Stopwatch will make a sound at 1:30, 3:00, 4:30, and so on.

Nonrecurring alert

Use the Nonrecurring alert option if you would like to be alerted after a certain time has elapsed. Simply click on the Settings and sounds link, tick the box, and enter the number of hours, minutes, and seconds.

To add another specific time, click Add. To remove one of the times, click on the cross (x) next to it.

Show warning on reset

The Stopwatch displays a warning message when you reset it. Use the drop-down menu in the warning message or under Show warning on reset in the Settings and sounds menu to define when you wish to receive this alert:

  • Always – The warning is displayed every time you reset the Stopwatch.
  • If Stopwatch has reached X minutes – The warning is only displayed when the total count of the Stopwatch has passed the respective amount of time (5, 15, or 60 minutes).
  • Only when using keyboard shortcut – The warning is only shown when you reset the Stopwatch using a keyboard shortcut. It will not warn you if you click the Reset button.
  • Never – The Stopwatch will always reset without warning, and all your timings will be deleted as soon as you reset.

Add split on pause

In the Settings and sounds menu, enable Add split on pause if you would like a split time to be added to the list of timings when you pause the Stopwatch.

Enumerate splits

In the Settings and sounds menu, select Enumerate splits if you would like the Stopwatch to count occurrences of each event type (starts, splits, pauses) in the timings list.

Enable Show more details to see the numbers.

Change split labels

In the Settings and sounds menu, tick Change split labels to enter alternative names for each event type (starts, splits, pauses). These will be the default names displayed in the timings list when you use the Stopwatch. You can always change the label for each event individually directly in the timings list.

Enable Show more details to see the labels.

Hide/Show features

The options in the Hide/Show features section of the Settings and sounds menu determine what content should be shown when you click Hide features above the Stopwatch.

  • Tick Always show split time if you want to keep seeing the running split time count even when Hide features is enabled.
  • Use Always show split list to prevent the timings list from being hidden.
  • Enable Always show controls to exclude the Start/Split/Reset buttons from the Hide features function. Note: It is possible to use the Stopwatch with keyboard shortcuts; the Shortcuts menu will show you how.

Other Features

Labeling and editing the results

The Online Stopwatch automatically records all your split times and calculates your lap times for the session. To see them, click Show more details. You can only see this button after you have recorded at least one split or paused the timer.

Use the text fields to label each split time with a title of your choice. Rearrange them in the opposite order by clicking on Reverse order. To delete a split, click on the cross (x) at the end of the row.

Exporting your results

Click Export to save and share your splits, laps, and total times. You can copy the results to your clipboard or download them as a text file in the menu that appears.

FAQ: Troubleshooting

Why do the sounds not work?

Make sure you have your volume turned up, and your speakers are plugged in if you can't hear the alert sounds. You can test this by clicking on Settings and sounds and then on any of the Sound check links.

If you still don't hear any sound, we would like to hear from you. Please let us know what kind of device, browser, and browser version you are using.

Why is the local time in the results is wrong?

The Online Stopwatch uses your computer's time zone to display local times under Time Recorded in the timings list (only shown if you enable Show more details. If the times do not reflect your local time, you will have to select your time zone in your operating system. Don't forget to enable Daylight Saving Time switches if that option is available for your location. Otherwise, the times will be off by one hour for part of the year.

Please note that your system's time zone setting is separate from the current time shown on your computer, so you may be using a different time zone even if your computer's time looks correct. If that is the case, the local times in the Stopwatch will not be in your local time.

Why can't I add a second stopwatch?

While it is only possible to have one Stopwatch per page, you can set up more than one by opening the Stopwatch page in multiple browser windows. Please note that all Stopwatch windows you open in the same browser will have the same alert and sound settings. To set up multiple Stopwatches with different settings, please open them in different browsers.

By the way, our Online Timer allows you to set up multiple timers on the same page.

Where can I find more information about the site and its services?

The General FAQ Page answers your questions about timeanddate.com, our services, site-wide settings, customization options, advertising opportunities, and copyright policies.

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